P r o f i l e

Tabita started singing at the age of twelve as a church singer. She then chose singing as her career in the age of seventeen. It started from being a cafe singer into wedding singer, and singer at events. Along the years, she released several solo singles independently, until she learns how to write her own songs. At the age of nineteen she started to sing abroad in international events, and at the age of twenty-three she produced her own album “EMBRACE” independently.

C a r e e r

2015 — Brand Ambassador of VZ Skincare

2016 — Performer at Global Short Film Awards in Cannes, France Brand Ambassador of Nefertiti Paris CosmeticsMain Talent of Sirup Kurnia’s Television Commercial

2017 — Opening Act for Krisdayanti’s Road Tour

2018 — Performer at Couture Fashion Week in New York, USA

Top 30 finalist of Indonesian Idol

S k i l l s

Basic public speaking, singing, songwriting, playing instruments (guitar, piano, cello), ability to speak in English (intermediate level), and Japanese (elementary level), drawing, modelling.

A c a d e m i c

2002 — 2003 Pre-Elementary School (K3)

2003 — 2009 Elementary Schoolin Sekolah Dian Harapan

2009 — 2012 Junior High Schoolin Sekolah Dian Harapan

2012 — 2015 Senior High School in UPH College

2015 — 2019 Bachelor’s Degree of Artin Pelita Harapan University

R e f e r e n c e

“She sings effortlessly with her soft yet powerful voice. Her performance is always full of charms. I’ve seen her magic several times. From a tiny studio in Jakarta to a big ballroom with international audience in Cannes. Wherever it is, she’s always captivating.” — Indra Herlambang (MC, TV Host, Entertainer, Writer)

“Tabita is more than a singer. She is a true performer. She brings a high level of energy to the stage along with her velvet voice. In short she is an audience pleaser and thriller. This is just the beginning, we will see much more from Tabita.” — Andres Aquino (CEO, Producer of Cannes’ GSF Awards and NY’s Couture Fashion Week, Designer)

P r o f e s s i o n a l



Vocal Teacher : private tutoring at Holbrook Music School & Prelude Music School

Member of Sendu Music as a cellist and vocalist of the trio women cellist group

Able to adapt to new environment

Excited and willing to try new things

Creative potential


Insightful : seeing through dishonesty and disingenuous motives, step past manipulation into a more honest discussion

Able to work and cooperate in groups

Singer / Songwriter / Art Enthusiast 

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